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Presentation and management of information is key to the success of an organization today. Data conversion services play an important role in this growth. 3S technology excels in diverse data conversion solutions with specialization in XML conversions. Through years of experience we have gained proficiency in conversion of both written or printed documents and electronic formats into XML. We have accomplished a diverse range of XML conversion projects for several of our global customers.

XML or Extensive Mark-up Language is a cross-platform custom web markup language used to display and store information on the Internet. XML is scalable, versatile and can be validated, thus having an edge over other web based formats. The advantages of XML have led organization to convert their web-based data to the simpler markup and structure them to be shared across different information systems.

Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest analysis and transformation tools to develop accurate XML conversion at optimum costs. Our quality managers and analysts continually monitor every assignment to guarantee highest accuracy.

We can convert documents from varied electronic formats to XML like:

  • Book to epub
  • Scanned book to epub
  • Word to epub
  • Pdf to epub
  • Html to epub
  • Kindle to epub

We have internally developed custom applications, which can convert any existing electronic formats to XML. We can tailor the software to suit an organization's specific requirements. Our experts suggest the most fitting platform for implementing this software after reviewing your organization setup. We also provide constant support and monitoring of these applications.

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