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With the increasing use of electronic and mobile devices, information has become even more digitized. Digitization facilitates easier manipulation, conversion and management of content. This has led organizations, educational institutions and businesses transform their content and correspondence into digitized formats. A through expertise and an experienced team are not always available, moreover employing additional resources for digitization is cost intensive. 3S Technology is your perfect partner for all pre-press services. We offer a perfect blend of Editorial, Pagination and Composition and Artwork and Illustration services.

We offer a complete range of services related to publishing and printing with specialization in handling books and content from scientific, technical or medical journals. We adhere to a structured XML workflow for both conventional and online publishing. Our dedicated team of project managers and analysts ensure they study and tailor the perfect innovation and provide the most solution for each project.

/// Our pre-press services include

Editorial Services: Our editorial services are customized to your specific content requirements. We ensure the optimum quality, language adeptness and precision of information.

Pagination and Composition Services: We can help you create electronic books, journals, catalogues and newsletters. Our expert team ensures your publication has the best composition and indexing as per international standards.

Artwork and Illustration: At 3s technology we have a team of specialists dedicated in handling complex art services exclusively for science, technical, medical and math illustrations.

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