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3S Technology provides flexible pagination and composition solutions for books, publication and journals. Our extensive understanding and in-depth knowledge in pre-press services ensures that your content has a clean and professional look. Our proficient blend of technology and expertise provides speedy completion at maximum cost efficiency. Employing the best of infrastructure and high-end automated pagination software, we digitally merge text and art into composite pages built consistently under very strict formatting standards.

Our team of highly qualified staff has extensive experience in managing diverse page composition and other related tools. We have options for fixed templates or XML coded files based on your specifications. We use the latest versions of Adobe Indesign as a platform for page composition. Our strong know how and methodology enables us to be on schedule maintaining optimum quality.

Following are the some of our process highlights:

  • Using the latest technology and tools and with optimal resource utilization we help our clients make a save notably.
  • Adhering to the industry best practices and highly optimized content composition processes we ensure a faster turn-around time.
  • Our customized and user-friendly applications enable faster page composition.

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