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Over the years technology has transformed the principles for proofreading and copyediting. Conventionally, proofreaders are assigned with finding errors during typesetting or formatting of the final document. Copy editors on the other hand review the draft information, correct grammatical and constructional inconsistencies and ensure the document is consistent and adherers to the best of language practices and composition. Pre press editing is a combination of both these services.

Editing is done at various levels depending on the information delivered. Our team of well-experienced copy editors, proofreaders, project managers and technical staff offer the best of editorial services. Our core team has thorough understanding of producing periodicals, magazines and books. We are proficient in identifying and customizing the best process flow for a seamless experience.

We pre-edit every documents identifying their style elements and formatting like diagram settings, tables, and other visual elements, reviewing cross-references, structuring and editing references and language parameters such as spelling, hyphenation, capitalization and italicization.

Service Highlights

At 3S Technology we have extensive assortment of editors proficient in editorial services. We have a team experienced and capable in handling varied subjects from humanities, management, finance, to health, engineering, accounting and philosophy. Adhering from diverse educational credentials our editors have vast experience in writing and editing content with accuracy.

Our copyeditors are skilled in various levels of editing and are well acquainted with guidelines as CMS, APA and Judith Butcher. They can handle books, journals, seasonal articles, thesis and presentations. To maintain uniformity and guarantee excellence, our copyeditors adhere to a checklist of hyphenated words, punctuation, quotes, spellings, capitalization, italicization and other technical parameters that are followed throughout the editing process.

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