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3S is a perfect blend of Technology coupled with human expertise which helps it serve their Global customers with features of low cost, fast turnaround and process automation. Established in 2013, 3S within the very first year has served customers from Europe, ACPAC, North America with success and customer satisfaction. 3S approach towards any Project is highly in alignment to the macro and micro level requirements of its customers, thus enabling them to focus on their core business.

Being situated in the cultural capital of India which is Kolkata, 3S enjoys the privilege of a Metro city with state of the art infrastructure and educated, skilful resources, but due to the moderate life style of the city, 3S can provide its customers that “extra” bit of leverage in terms of lowering their operational cost which at times cumulates to a noticeable figure by the end of year.

3S is working in niche areas like Back office support services of Publishing, Real Time Data Entry, Foreign Language Translation and stuffs like Content Development and Editorial services, which has helped creating its identity in the Eastern India Information Technology Services Industry within the shortest possible time.

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